How much do you know about healthy living? What are your cancer smarts? Get started here to find out

  Eating Well

In BC we're lucky to have a lot of healthy veg and fruit to eat year round. But does it really matter if you eat fresh? How much do you know about your 5 a day?

Take this quiz to test your nutrition smarts.

  Exercise & Body Weight

Everyone wants to look good. But exercise and healthy weight are about more than fitting into your jeans. Do you know what those extra kilos can do for your long term health? And what effect does exercise have in the long run?

Ten weighty questions follow in this quiz.


Do you know just what is in a cigarette, the effects of second-hand smoke, and what happens when you quit smoking?

Try this quiz to find out.

  Solar Power

This quiz will test your knowledge about safety in the sun, suntans, sunscreen, tanning beds, self tanners, and skin cancer.

Give it a try and see how sun smart you are!

  Your Cancer Smarts

We've all been touched by cancer. Maybe you have a relative or even a friend who has fought the disease. But what are the true stats on cancer in Canada? Some of the answers may take you by surprise.

Take this quiz to find out.

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