How can you make a difference in your school, family, or community? How about creating your own healthy living message?

More Hi5 Facts

This website can help you learn more about cancer prevention and healthy living. You may also have questions about other physical and mental health issues. The following websites are good places to find reliable information on issues that are often important to youth.

Emotional Health
  • The BC Government has a downloadable guide for teens age 13 to 17 who suffer from depression or who believe they may have depression.
  • Mind Your Mind is a site by youth for youth where you can get info, resources, and the tools to help manage stress, crisis, and mental health problems.
  • Teen Mental Health has information on evidence-based medicine and mental health issues for teens.
Alcohol & Drugs
  • Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service in BC. 800.663.1411. Lower Mainland. 604.660.9382.
  • Here to Help has fact sheets and resources for both addiction and mental-health issues.
Sexual Health
  • The Kids Help Phone site has information on dating, girls’ and guys’ health, STIs and pregnancy. Like the name says, you can also call them at 800.668.6868.
  • Youth in BC can answer many questions about sexual health. After all, more knowledge can help you make the best choices.
Cervical Cancer Screening


Regular cervical cancer screening can find abnormal changes in the cervix early, before cancer develops. Treatment of abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer from developing. A vaccine is available for women aged 9 to 26. Read more about it from these sources.

  • Questions about cervical cancer screening (Pap tests)? Visit the Screening BC website for answers.
  • To learn more about the HPV vaccine for young women in BC, take a look at the ImmunizeBC website. They have lots of information on how the vaccine works and why it is recommended.
Breast Cancer Screening


Pass it on! Should someone you know be getting a mammogram? Do you have questions about breast cancer? Are you concerned about the risk of breast cancer? The following sites can help you out.

  • The BC Cancer Agency offers screening mammograms for women age 40 to 79 and has information on who should be screened and how to get a mammogram.
  • For more background information on breast cancer, you can take a look at the Canadian Cancer Society website