Increasing Physical Activity

To help add physical activity to your daily life, you will need some specific strategies. Read through these strategies and order them from 1 to 10: #1 will be the strategy that you would find DO-ABLE on a typical day. #10 will be the most difficult for you to accomplish in your daily life.

Dance for 15 minutes to your favourite music.
Run up and down stairs several time a day.
Reduce the time spent in front of the TV/computer. Replace this time with a sport or activity that involves moving your body.
Hide (or ask someone to hide) the TV/stereo remote control so that you have to get up and down to change channels.
While watching your favorite shows, do some “on the spot” stretches, some light weight routines or some yoga moves.
For trips less than 2 kilometers leave the car parked and walk, rollerblade or cycle.
Take your dog or borrow your neighbour’s dog for a walk. (The pet will have a happier day!)
Walk around the house while talking on your cell phone.
Try out an exercise class, a yoga class, or a swimming class at your local Recreation Centre.
Organize a family or friend activity night to play an active game such as the Wii Fit.

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