How can you make a difference in your school, family, or community? How about creating your own healthy living message?

What is Hi5 in Action?

When it comes to promoting health, we believe that one of the most effective ways to foster engagement with children and youth is not just by telling but by doing. That’s why we’ve developed Hi5 in Action, a new program that uses experiential education to engage and inspire you to aim higher, go further, and be your best!

What are the 5Es

The Hi5 in Action approach follows the 5Es: Engagement, Education, Empowerment, Experience, and Evaluation. These principles are integrated into the various stages of each experiential lesson through a series of activities. The activities are educational techniques designed to foster learning through direct experience, and can be effective with participants who have diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

We’re developing lots of tools and lesson plans for Hi5 in Action. Check back here again to see what we have to help jump-start your healthy life!

Our Purpose is

  • To encourage engagement by youth in health-promoting schools in BC.
  • To create fun engagement tools, lesson plans, and experiential activities aligned to the BC Curriculum.
  • To place students in a central role as mentors and leaders, consistent with the four pillars of Comprehensive School Health as adopted by DASH BC.
  • To give youth a greater ‘voice’, allow independent decision-making, and encourage creative license.
  • To support young people as they create and implement their
    own healthy school initiatives and healthy living plans.